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Newbridge School of Music have been providing examinations and training since 1998. We have seen all types of students sit exams, from school children and teenagers sitting their leaving cert, to retired people wishing to pursue an interest in their spare time. No matter what level our students are at, we can help them to prepare for their next exam.

An examination is a way of formally assessing your ability in a certain field. Our students like this as it gives them a goal and a date to work towards. Without this motivation, our students find that they can sometimes slack off or not push themselves as hard. A formal exam can be a great way to drive yourself.

Exams take place a few times a year, depending on the board and the exam. We can assess your ability and work out which exam you would be suitable for. You may not need to start at Grade 1 if you have a good ability. Some people need more time than others and this is completely fine.

Exams take place at our School of Music. We are here to answer any questions you may have in relation to your exams.

Fees vary depending on the exam being taken. You can call us on (045) 499 166 to find out more information.


Royal Irish Academy

London College of Music

Registry of Guitar Tutors

Associated Board

Junior Certificate

Leaving Certificate

Call us today on (045) 499 166 for more information, or drop into our school.

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